This page is devoted to a list of news stories about what PAGV has termed “Formerly Responsible Gun Owners,” or FRGOs. There is a widespread belief among many who promote gun rights that guns are only dangerous in the hands of mentally ill, criminal or “irresponsible” individuals. If we can simply keep guns away from “those” people, there is no reason to prevent responsible, law-abiding citizens from owning guns.

There is a flaw in this belief, though. All humans are human. There are moments when they lose their temper, when they do something foolish, when they sink into depression, or when they simply act without thinking first. No person is immune to this kind of behavior. This reality does not mean that no individual should be able to own a gun. PAGV supports Second Amendment rights. PAGV also believes, however, that recognizing the inherent risks in gun ownership, and the graduated risks associated with different types of firearms, is a first step toward reducing gun violence because that recognition enables us to look for ways to reduce those inherent risks with sensible policies.

As you read through these stories, consider what it means that each one of the individuals involved in these accidents, injuries or deaths involving firearms was, before the incident, what would be considered a “responsible” and law-abiding gun owner.

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