Thank you to everyone for a wonderful Child Appreciation Day on January 19. You can read about our event as well as the unfortunate events that accompanied “Gun Appreciation Day” in this press release.


On January 19, Gun Advocacy groups wanted us to “appreciate guns” with their Gun Appreciation Day. But we preferred to appreciate children on that day, declared a National Service Day. Instead of appreciating guns, we recommended five things you could do to show your appreciation for the children who will grow up to be our future.

1. Devote your Day of Service to a children’s charity or organization.

2. Teach a child a new skill–or ask them to teach you something!

3. Leave a comment or photo on our Facebook page telling us or showing us what you did with your children. (Or share a drawing from your child on the page!)

4. Familiarize yourself with what the American Academy of Pediatrics says regarding firearm safety and children.

5. If you do have a gun at home, take this opportunity to double check that it is stored safely and cannot be accessed by anyone but a responsible adult.

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  1. It also happens to be Martin Luther King Day. For them to have gun appreciation day on the day we celebrate a national hero of non-violence who was assassinated with a gun is shameful, racist and astounding. Are these gun groups really white supremacist groups at heart?

  2. This nation is too paralized and polarized. Are people really saying that people that love children cannot appreciate guns? Or people that like guns do not value the life of a child? There are millions of us who would lay down our life for any child in this country, red, yellow, black or white and still feel the need to protect our constitution. Why can’t this conversation include a serious discussion of love and compassion and understanding without these accusations being thrown out there to aggitate both sides?

    • No one is accusing anyone of anything Eliza. The point I get from this response to the Gun Appreciation Day initiative is that it is ill timed and points out how our focus should be on appreciating the time we have with our children, the future of our country, by making it precious. Rumor has it that the dim witted organizer behind the gun sales day is a marketing strategist and was hired by the NRA to push their scare tactic scheme of a threat to the rights under the Constitution. It is an imaginary threat. Just because a majority of the people (based on recent polls) think we can do more to protect our children by making gun owners and the gun dealers accountable and make laws that enable law enforcement to do its job more effectively does not mean people want to strip people of their Constitutional rights. The trends and itchy trigger fingers by those whose paranoia gets the best of them, with a bit of cognitive dissonance mixed in, take away from what the 2nd Amendment really stands for. Yes, the people have the right to bear and keep arms, but in an organized and well-regulated way that includes being properly “disciplined and trained.” Had the gun appreciation day been scheduled at another time instead of coinciding it around MLK day and the day the 1st black POTUS is inaugurated for the 2nd time and instead made its message more about gun safety with “discipline and training”, then maybe I’d buy into it. Too soon after a horrific gun violence tragedy to be celebrating guns? I think so.

  3. Eliza, this “Gun Appreciation Day” was set up as a reaction to public support for gun restrictions after the Newtown shootings, and as Jenny says, this is scheduled on MLK day. Don’t you see how offensive and tasteless that is, how that celebrates weapons of mass destruction, within weeks of this slaughter of the innocents?

    • I understand what you are saying, however, Martin Luther King Day in 2013 is on Monday, the 21st of January. I am not sure I understand with the conflict of date?

      • NJ Mom, Yes, the federal holiday for the official MLK day is on Monday, Jan. 21, but there are many celebrations of his life over the weekend which conincides with the GAD.

  4. NJ Mom is correct. MLK Day is Monday, Jan 21. Sunday, Jan 20 is Inauguration Day. Saturday, Jan 19 is the National Day of Service as created by our current President during his first administration.

  5. Any pro gun activity is being looked at by some as offensive! When is it going to be long enough after the Sandy Hook tragedy? After legislation ATTACKING OUR RIGHTS is passed! Racist? Really! You people make me sick!! No one is even attempting to tackle the real problems! Putting more laws and restrictions in place that ONLY affect people that follow them, and in no way prevent ANY tragedy in any way, while directly violating our second amendment right is wrong in every way!!! Why are we not attacking glorified violence around our children! Or the lack of treatment for the mentally ill? Or the lack of security in our schools? Why are we not seeing how wrong it is to put signs up that tell criminals that lawful people are not allowed to carry protection on this property? Next time some nut job decides to STEAL A GUN and shoot innocent people or invade your home and you are still waiting to see if the federal government will approve your legitimate purchase of a firearm and the police are still 10 minutes out just offer that maniac a hug or something! Or how about WHEN the government decides that you should no longer have any rights, you just point your finger at them and say “don’t take my freedom or ill……. cry”! My favorite one is when people people try to misquote the 2nd and move the word “regulated” around! The only thing “regulated” is attached to is militia! It refers to defensive forces outside of the FEDERAL CONTROL! Forces at a more LOCAL level, you know,”necessary to the security of a free state”! The word regulated does not refer to bearing of arms! It is never too soon to defend or appreciate freedom! Especially after a tragedy like Sandy Hook! As a father I cried for the families involved! As an American willing to die for my children’s freedom, i say molon labe.

  6. Craig, do you really think that your rights are being abrogated? With freedom comes responsibility. No one is proposing taking away people’s guns although I wish they would. But we have to limit distribution of guns, especially automatic weapons that are designed only to inflict maximum carnage. What is the rationale for allowing such weapons? It puts us all in danger and makes no one safer.

    • Automatic weapons are already highly restricted and require a hellatios background check to obtain. Assault weapons = automatic/burst fire. What is currently on the table is semi automatic weapons. Ones that resemble military weapons. That LOOK scary.

      • Mike, you might define “assault weapons” as only weapons with selective fire, but the United States Congress defines them differently.

    • And I am a parent AND a gun owner. I celebrated both today. Spent time with my son and went to the range with another gun owning parent. It is possible to be both

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